Loose Counter Shaft

So i started hearing a tinging noise coming from the engine and thought it was valves or a loose cam gear bolt or something but i have actually isolated it to the lower end... i can only hear it when its moving and it seems to be related to the main countershaft the front sprocket is attached to... the whole shaft can move more than 1/8th inch laterally, foot peg to peg.... any thought or ideas...


this video doesn't entirely relate, but its entertaining and you can her the tinging before i get stuck under my bike...


The only thing I can think of is wear caused by a restricted oil feed.  XR gears don't run in an oil bath even on the wet sump motors.  They are dependent on oil feed through the center of the shafts.  There's not much clearance between gears on the two shafts, so a little movement could make the sides of gears rub. 

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Make sure you don't have a rock stuck between the bash plate and engine bouncing around in there making noise. Or loose bash plate frame clamp.

been there... i heard it while the bash plate was off the bike also....


on another or the same note.... i am having some "trouble" with my clutch... replaced one before i noticed the inner basket was all scored so they were slipping at mid-high rpm... new basket and clutch and my first real ride i had some issues with the cable working fine for first half of ride... then when i start getting into EXTREMELY clutch intensive terrain, occasionally (more than once a ride) the cable goes very slack and i'm creeping forward when i pull the clutch... so i make more tension at the perch finish riding the hard stuff and just as randomly the clutch cable seems to tighten back to "normal" (cold at the house operating range)  making the clutch drag a bit... so i loosen the perch... find another challenge... and repeat the process... is this normal at all?? new tusk clutches, new motion pro cable (last one seized), and new ez pull lever mid position...


oh well... thank god its a honda!!! ridden them making all kinds of noises across the globe... they just go!!!


my temps are quite steady... normal operating about 230 and it makes out about 250 when i'm in the thick of it...

So, did your temps drop after the break-in?  I remember they were a bit higher.


Thank god it's a Honda except for the aftermarket clutch.


I'm suspecting the plates.  Many have had problems with aftermarket plates. 


If you are that intense on the clutch, you might consider gearing your bike lower for those rock-stepped single tracks. 

maybe i should spend more money on a better clutch....


i used to run 14/48... thought it was fine... then i started racing desert and wasn't anywhere near fast enough in the flats... moved up to 15/48 and still look for 6th gear as well as make it up the climbs...


i feel like it would be clutch work i'd be doing regardless of gearing... just trying to kill power or pop the front tire over something...

before the rebuild temps were always 225-240... and i can still get it to run hotter than 250 if i'm on a flat road 5th gear WOT which was when i was noticing the higher temps and panicking... richening pilot and main brought it down about 5 degrees


for anyone in socal... this is happening on easter saturday



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That should not be a problem.On our over 10 xr400s some little play,some over 1/8 side to side play.My old 07 Wr450 1/6 play when I sold it.My new 11 450 OPPS has over 3/16.Works perfect.What you need to watch out for,if you over tighten the chain,it takes out the counter shaft bearing,next to sprocket.On one JCR ex race bike I had XR600/650 Honda forgot to put the end play washer in the trans,I rode that bike in Baja for thousands of miles.One day I went to put a smaller front sprocket on it.OHH shit the shaft moved in and out 1/4 inch.I took the whole motor apart,Could not believe all the tricks Honda had in that motor.Also the fact that they forgot to put that washer in.BTR 

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