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After a long departure from the motocross world (10 years) I am ready to return. I am leaning towards an 02' in the Peoples Republic of Kalifornia the best out-the-door price I can find is $5999.00

Has anyone seen a better price? Also, if anyone is selling an 01'(426F or 250F) I might be interested.....


Try Motoworld of El Cajon I believe you'll be able to do better there.

I paid $5,318 for my 02 426 at Champion Yamaha in Newport Beach, CA. Ask for Dave. It was advertised in the Orange County cycle trader for $5399 by them and they gave it to me for 5318. I love it, and consider it to be my best purchase of 2001. The bike rips. Ride blue!

I paid $5,318 for my 02 426 at Champion Yamaha in Newport Beach, CA. Ask for Dave. It was advertised in the Orange County cycle trader for $5399 by them and they gave it to me for 5318. I love it, and consider it to be my best purchase of 2001. The bike rips. Ride blue!

Dezracer, was that $5318.00 out-the-door (Tax, fees, etc...)?

I found this ad on Sounds like a killer deal on any thumper you want.

Gilbert / Phoenix, AZ

2002 YAMAHA YZ250F, $5199 - Brand New Never Started/Ridden. Price includes delivery to most major US cities. We collect no other fees. Most other makes/models also available - for example '02 CRF450 $5799, '02 YZ426F $5299, '02 WR426F $5399, '01 YZ125 $4449. See pictures of crated/uncrated new bike at or email: call (602) 214-6967

Give Shipping Masters a call, I know Paul will be able to help you out! Those are all real prices. And to top it off, he's a real nice guy. :)

Yeah but the one for $5199 is a Canadian model. I was going to order one through shipping masters but didnt want to find out the hard way when I paid through the teeth when it showed up in San Fran. I bought my 02 YZ250F from Aleks Powersports in Erie PA. He shipped it to San Fran for $5500 and this way I dont pay to register unless I want to.

Check out their site!! They also advertise on cycle trader online

What is the big deal if it is a Canadian Model? I know the pipe is different, anything else?

What do you mean by paying through the teeth? It says no other fees, is there other fees?

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I couldnt get a straight answer about fees. Shipping Masters of course told me not to worry I just needed to go pick it up and run over to customs to get some paper signed. I called customs and they said there was a fee something like a few % not a big deal. But I dont have timne to jack around with a process that may or may not go well. I therefore looked on cycle trader and chose to go with Aleks, they are here in the USA and will stand behind me and their bike. Who do I go to in Canada? Yes this the Hoot calling from the USA I have a jacked up bike, oh no warranty in the USA... I have a warranty and I can go to my dealer here in my town with no problems. Just saying it isnt all Rosie... Buyer beware!!!


I think you misunderstood them, I know Paul and know a few people who have bought bikes through him, everything is done for you. You just pick up the crate and assemble the bike.

JT1 and JonnyG,

Maicoman just got a WR 426. Send him a private msg, he'll explain how it works.

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Thanks for the kind words Tom and Bob.

Hootna is partially correct on clearing customs though. On most of the Canadian bikes where I help arrange the purchase, the buyer clears customs themselves. I have helped numerous CA and AZ residents (and many other states for that matter) purchase Canadian bikes and none of them sat at the shipper waiting on customs more than an hour or two at the most, the large majority take 30 minutes or less to clear customs. I'm pretty anal about customer service and do my best to help buyers before, during, and after the sale. I even contact a customs inspector prior to the buyer going there so they are aware that the buyer will be coming in and so there is no surprises. I give the customs inspectors name to the buyer so the process can go as smooth as possible. There are no fees or duties that customs collects on offroad dirtbikes under 700CC's but sometimes customs inspectors need some coaching on this fact, that's where I come in. Since each state has it's own DMV rules and reg's that part of the process is up to the buyer. The dealers I work with provide ownership documents on all bikes, and Canadian registrations if wanted. Many buyers just retain these documents and don't register the bikes in their home states (CA residents are usually the exception to this rule).

As far as the warranty issue goes, Hootna is partially correct on that one also. A Canadian bike warranty only applies in Canada - 30 days. I tell the buyers I work with to hold onto their crates for 30 days. If they have a substantial failure, I pay to ship the bike back to Canada and then back to them when it's fixed. BTW, never had a bike fail as of yet.

The biggest challenge is the availability of bikes, they are in limited supply and the manufacturers don't usually give firm dates on their next shipments.

If anyone has questions feel free to contact me.


OK, since I may be a customer soon please explain the clearing customs part.

Where does this take place? At the recieving shipping dock? (ie: here in Phoenix)?

Does the customs inspector meet me there?

F, you pick up the customs documents from the shipper here in Phoenix and take them to customs over by Sky Harbor. Customs reviews the documents, signs a release and you take the release back to the shippers dock and give them a copy of the release. The shipper loads the crated bike on your truck/trailer and away you go. FYI, customs hasn't physically looked at any of the bikes imported as of yet.

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