2001 cr250 countershaft bearing retainer

I'm doing a complete rebuild on a 2001 cr250 engine and the screws that hold the retainers for the countershaft bearing in the transmission area are completely stuck. I tried everything I could to get them out and ended up finally stripping out the head of the screw. Drilled them out and tried a screw removal kit to no avail, being as careful as I could. Tool finally broke in it and now I'm stumped. We all know what it's like dealing with a stuck bolt... I don't imagine honda put it there for no reason, so what are my options here? Thanks in advance


An impact screwdriver is a good way to get them out next time. If you were able to get the old ones out can you retap the screws or install helicoil inserts to obtain the original size?

heat will loosen the grip of the locktite on them but I always use a impact driver to remove them


Can you get that hardened steel from the tool out of the hole?

I tried everything, including heat, except for the impact screw driver. I thought that would have stripped the screw head. I ended up taking the case to a shop that did an EDM bolt removal on it. They removed the broken tool as well. They cleaned up the threads and I bought new screws. Thanks for the help everyone!

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