My Shock rebuild in pics

its a 85 YZ250 shock desperately in need of some TLC....not every step in the process is documented ....but just an interesting pictorial of whats inside a shock





spring removed



body apart



everything on the shaft with a new bumper



new race tech seal head the inner bumper and stock valving on top




stock valve




no locktite....they used a spot weld to keep it in place





the new seal has more bushing area than OEM



inner bottom out bumper



wish I had some assembly pics....but I did not do the assembly......Piper Performance in Decatur TX .....a local Race Tech Center did the deed and I was not around to see it get done


new race tech spring and gold valve...seal head ....bumper....and hose 




the new RT spring was about 1/2 shorter than the stock spring so the pre load was adjusted by the circlip location on the shock body



I cleaned out all the crap under the rebound adjusters rubber seals....nasty in there....greased it all up



used some new alls balls shock bearings.............they fit a little looser than OEM in the bore......may go back to OEM.......getting those circlips out was a P I T A !!!!

is this shock on a yz you just rebuilt ? is it going on a tt600?

i am putting it in a 86 IT200......the IT has a 40mm shock and the yz is a 46mm....and the yz has that compression adjuster

i am putting it in a 86 IT200......the IT has a 40mm shock and the yz is a 46mm....and the yz has that compression adjuster

Your valve stack is almost the same as the one in my 1982 Suzuki RM I just replace. Unique design, Guess it was a KYB design. The three shims open like an accordion when the stack bottoms out. Interesting.

i was surprised at the stock ancient valving......the yammis use a Soqui shock.....which is a KYB clone.....the gold valve uses more shims in the stack......i have the shim numbers but did not get to see it......its not installed yet so i dont know how it handles yet

and you will notice in the race tech seal head.....and also on  the stock seal head ( not pictured ) does not have the rubber bumper built in like i see in current seal heads.......the seal head here hits up against the bottom of the piece that the valve rests on......if i had gotten a seal head with a built in bumper.......alls would have been useless without the stock bumper

my mistake....its a 84 shock ....not 85.......85 was the first yr for the BASS system and in 86 they change the shock out to a integrated reservoir like all shocks have now

Will the 46mm shock and spring clear the Air box on the IT200 as there is next to no room with the stock shock??

i assume it must as race tech only sells the  bigger 46mm spring for the IT and I have read that other are using the bigger spring on their ITs

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