What 320mm disc to use?

I have decided to go the Brembo route, I've got an SFQ bracket to use it and allow for the 320 disc of course.  The only issue remaining is finding a decent 320mm disc.  I was told Braking is the best, specifically the STX55 / STX55d models but they don't seem to sell them anymore, at least not in the UK.  It's possible they use different product numbers but I can't be sure.  I think the bracket I'm using is very similiar to the Brembo kit sold in the US.  I also don't want to pay $400 for a brake disc so I'm trying to get one second hand if possible.  thanks

EBC do a 320mm rotor...

Thanks for the reply. Someone else who has used the bracket had to add more spacers using an EBC disc as it fouled. It worked in the end but lost contact area overall.

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