Assembly lube or oil for cam install?

What does everybody use/prefer when installing a new set of cams? Assembly lube? Motor oil? Dry? Omega3 fish oil? Spit? Going to take a crack at installing my stage 2 hot cams tomorrow afternoon and need to go pick up a few more things. I believe the instructions say use assembly lube.

Either motor oil or assembly lube are fine… you'll find each has his/her own preference.  If the motor is going to sit for a long period of time before start-up, I'd lean to using assembly lube.

Alright perfect. I will try to find some assembly lube today. I plan on putting the cams in tomorrow and the next night doing the loctite fixes and draining the oil (that has sat all winter) and replacing with fresh oil and filter before starting the bike possibly Monday night or Tuesday night when I get it all wrapped up. Using non synthetic for cam break in but will change after 500 kms back to synthetic. The bike will be started in the next few days and maybe go for a short ride but it won't be ridden for a long period of time for at least a week or two. Good plan?

I think it's important not to lug the motor with new cams, keep the revs up. I would think after the first 30 minutes any break-in has been accomplished.

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