1999 yz250 crankcase gasget

GDay Mates


I have a yz250 two stroke 1999 that needs the right side crankcase gasget replaced

Can any one tell me if I need to remove the water pump to remove the crankcase or can I just remove the crankcase alone

Is there any tricky bits that might trip me up or is it pretty easy to do?

Would really be grateful if anyone can help!

As the bike shop tells me they don't work on bikes more then 10 years old, bit of a cop out id say.


On my '03 YZ the water pump is part of the right side case, so it will come off with it. Good time to replace the pump seals while it's off. Also check the pump shaft for wear. Any sort of groove in the shaft at all is an impending leak.

And shops not working on bikes more than 10 years old is not unusual. The one I get my stuff from has the same policy, but will sometimes bypass it for dirt bikes.

Pump should come off with it like olhillbilly says watch the power valve stays in the ramps and may have to turn the bike thru when you put it back together to ralighn the gears

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