Crf450x for the road?

Should I buy a crf450x 2007 for the road?? Opinions please!!

Good for short hops around town or connecting trails. Not a good choice for a long commute or dualsport trips.

Oil capacity is low and parts are lightweight and wear quickly. Expect to change the oil every 500 miles, replace the piston every 2-3000 miles, valve job well under 10,000 miles.

Handling is pretty sharp for the street as well, meaning twitchy. No cush hub, so either a cush sprocket, aftermarket cush hub or knobbies are required to keep the transmission from eating itself.

Both you and the bike would be worn out pretty quickly with extended road miles on a CRF.

Thanks for the reply!!

What would be a suitable bike for about for me as I'm only just about to get my L plates would a ktm450exc be and better? Cheers

A DRZ 400 are good Road Trail bikes

Not CRF performance / handling / Light Weight .

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