2002 cr125 suspension for me

I have a 2002 cr125 and I just did up my suspension and I weigh 135-140lbs... How many click out from stock should I be on my front and rear suspension?


I think that is more of a feel and preference kind of thing. We can't tell you what works for you.

Anyway to get me in the ballpark to start out?? So far it seems like the rear rebound is a bit much because it throws me out of the ruts pretty easily.. It's like I can't get the bike to soak in but at the same time I don't want to bottom out on a jump

Can anyone point me in the right direction here?

Just look up the stock settings in the manual (go to your honda dealer if you don't have one).  It is normally in the middle of the range.  If you have 24 clicks, stick is usually around 11 or 12.  Set everything to stock (sag, comp, rebound, HS rebound), and go from there.

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