01 250 Head Rework

So I own a 01 cr 250 with a few bolt on. No real porting done, I was wondering running 91 pump gas(Apparently no ethanol) mixed 32:1 if there'd be any gain by reworking my stock head. Milling, shaving, reshaping, whatever. I work at a machine shop with both manual and CNC lathes and mills so I could get it done for free, which is the only reason I'm even considering it.   I know they do in fact sell a head designed to get the most out of 91 octane but I was wondering if it'd even make a difference with stock porting. Anyways just a thought any crazy ideas or specific measurements from an aftermarket head are welcome. Or CNC codes if you're feeling real generous, but I'd have to see some kind of credentials before I tried that ;) 
Thanks for playing along,


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