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Renthal Twinwall beware...

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I mounted my Renthal Twinwall bars last night.  They are the RC Highs.


Anyway, I dont recommend them for the DRZ400 application, nor do i recommend the RC High bend.


First, the Twinwall bars to not offer enough room on the right side of the bar to mount the brake lever, kill switch, and throttle tube.


I had to remover the rubber seal and then clean up where the inner and outer tube meet with a file go gain a millimeter or so of room.  The rubber seal takes up a lot of room (a few mm) and there is no way all the pieces will fit with it on there.


With the rubber bar seal removed and the joint cleaned up, I managed to shoehorn the three pieces on the bar with the throttle tube dead even with the bar end.


I installed a R6 throttle tube with a new grip and made it all even at the end of the bar. I'm going to get some Cycra hand guards, so if there is rubbing issues with the grip, ill just have to get new bars because I have no more room to work with.


I'm also a little worried about removing the rubber seals on the bars.  Ive read somewhere (which I naturally cant find now) that you aren't supposed to removed the seals.  I had no choice in my application.  The seals are supposed to keep out water, dirt, cleaning chemicals, etc.  I really don't see that it would matter much unless you submerged the bike and let the bars fill completely with water and then freeze it.


I got the blue and they do look very nice I have to say.


Next, I think the RC high bend is a little to much.  I mean, they feel great and look great, but Im having a little issue with the throttle cables being long enough.


With the bars turned all the way to the right, there is no slack in the throttle and i have the adjustment ran in all the way.  Also, the throttle cables with to rub and ride up over the brake fluid reservoir.  I'm a little worried about the repeated rubbing cutting through my throttle cable.


I was thinking about taking the tank off and see if its possible to re-route the cables and gain any extra length.  They may work how it is, but it's gonna be damn close.


On the other side, the clutch cable had to be ran all the way in for maximum adjustment.  Like the throttte, when the bars are turned all the way to the left, there isnt any play in the lever.  With the bars strait, it is perfect.


The bars also put the cable at a little bit of a sharp angle coming out of the clutch bracket.  I don't think its enought to worry about, but the cable exit angle is much sharper than stock.


I think the bars will work, but they are pushing the limit every way possible.


If I had it to do over, I'd prob just get the CR high bend in the regular fat bars, and I don't think there should be any issues with them.

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Im just about ready to order some Cycras.  I want to be sure to get the right products as I'm a little confised as to what i need.


Ok, i think this is the correct triple tree mounting bracket i need:

http://store.cycraracing.com/frmoon.html  the 1055-02 option


And do i want the regular probends



or the composites



or the probend crm???




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