KTM Oil Line Banjo Bolts?

hey guys. just a quick question sorry.

was reading through my service manual and noticed a section about the oil line(that supplies oil from the bottom end to the top end). there are 2 bolts, one of them is an oil jet bolt(which controls how much oil the top end is supplied with) and the other is a banjo bolt. one of them is longer than the other. the smaller 1(jet bolt) is meant to go at the top, in the head and the longer 1 is meant to be in the engine case at the bottom.

The manual doesn't state which bolt was which, i had to find out off a mate but i remember putting them in the opposite way(jet bolt at the bottom and longer 1 at the top).


question is, if the jet bolt(smaller bolt) controls the amount of oil the top end is supplied with and i had the longer bolt in there, does that mean the top end wouldn't of been getting any oil or i would've done any damage running and riding the bike? or should everything be ok still?


the pics below show the 2 bolts and the oil line section in the manual.


Oil Line Pic.png


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