Metallic good stuff in oil filter 2000mi

So I was just outside changing the oil in the Drz getting it ready for spring. I decided to take a look at the oil filter since the bike did 6 hours of woods riding in october. I can see some metallic pieces in the oil filter when its spread out. the bike has a light tapping noise to it but its never really been a mouse quiet engine anyway, how worried about this should I be? Bike is under factory 1 year warranty until july and only has 2000 miles on it. Engine oil and filter has been changed once at 200 miles 700 miles and 1500 miles with 10-40 dino oil until 700 synthetic after. Not exactly thrilled to be seeing that type of stuff in the oil filter already...


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Looks normal to me. You'll always have a tiny amount of debris in the filter. That is why it exists.

That's normal for that low of miles for street and especially if mainly offroad. Take a look at filters once you get above 8,000 miles. are so bad I can't tell a thing from them

How often do you change the oil? Doesn't look out of the ordinary for a low mileage engine depending on your oil change intervals.

The bike has had synthetic oil run in it after the 700 mile mark. I Changed it again at 1500 with synthetic 10-40, and yesterday I changed it with synthetic 20-50. I found an oil filter from the last time I changed it and opened it up, same looking debris in it so I guess I'm not really worried about it. I assume its slag peices from the sides of the transmission parts and whatnot. I apologize for the terrible pics, I tried to zoom in with my phone and obviously it didn't help  :rolleyes: . At any rate thanks for taking the time to take a look and put my mind at ease! I'm really looking forward to taking her out again after I finally decide on whether to get a Shinko 244 for the rear again or a Michelin t63...

Are the particles magnetic in the latest filter?

Not sure if they are magnetic or not, Ill try in a little while before I leave and let you know. Doesn't have any brass colors in it so that,s good.

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