Only one upgrade

If the bike u posses was bone stock and you could only make one upgrade what would it be?? For me it would be suspension, suspension = handling = confidence = speed had a RM125 with RG3 and I would smoke my buddies in the desert on there stock setup 450s lol

Definitely suspension. That's the single most important mod that everyone SHOULD do, but sadly most NEVER do.

agreed... suspension

Suspension all day long

Suspension no doubt. Best thing you can do on top of tires. 

Monster Energy stickers!

I would buy a hack saw and modify my fenders Ronnie Mac style!

I would buy the loudest possible exhaust... everbody knows the goon with no packing is the fastest...

Guys let's be honest the best mod is OBVIOUSLY fresh graphics. If your bike doesn't look cool, you simply won't go fast!

skid plate, not having this has bitten me in the ass before

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