Head torque specs?

Hey guys, im in the process of pulling my head off my 09 kx250f to change the intake valves.

I was wondering if someone could help me out letting me know on the torque specs for the head and the cams for when I am ready to re-install as I dont have a service manual?




Steve, you can get a digital manual for less than the price of a meal and download it today! First thing you should do. :rolleyes:


Having razzed you about that:


Remember to replace your head bolt washers to prevent leaks.


Head Bolts = 36 ft-lb (if the same as 2011-2012)

Sequentially Tighten like this 1-2-3-4

1 4

3 2


Camshaft cap bolts = 87 in-lb NOTE!!! INCH pounds, not foot pounds

Sequentially Tighten like this 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8

5 7

1 3

4 2

8 6

36ft pounds for head is on the 06-08 kx250f as well, and again 86 inch Pounds on cam caps

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