03 Yz 125 top end problem

Blew my bike up then i got the cylinder nikielsealed , bought brand new piston and rings with gasket kit.

Put everything together to spec and started her up and she sound beautiful until a little rattling noise in top end area, after i would rev her up it would do it on the way back down. 

So i took her apart the cylinder is fine, but the top of the piston is &%$#@!ed along with the head.

What could this possibly be from?

the power valves look fine


2014-03-22 14.17.11.jpg2014-03-22 14.17.16.jpg2014-03-22 14.17.20.jpg2014-03-22 14.17.28.jpg2014-03-22 14.19.03.jpg2014-03-22 14.19.06.jpg2014-03-22 14.19.10.jpg2014-03-22 14.19.17.jpg2014-03-22 14.19.33.jpg2014-03-22 14.19.50.jpg

Pull the cylinder block of and check the play in the connecting rod on the cranks shaft. If there is up and down it needs tp be replaced, side to side is fine.

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