Riding in Schomberg/Bolton Area ?


Hey all, living on the 11th concession in Schomberg, hoping someone could lead me to some riding areas in and around Schomberg, Bolton & Nobleton area. Any help is appreciated & if anyone is in this area looking to ride evenings and weekends shoot me a PM ,



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      If you haven't already seen the plans for this amazing track check it out!! It's also got plans to include an amazing MX track.
      Looks like it's already coming to a vote on Dec 7th, I just got this message and will go out to support, any one else ? PS I also signed the petition.
      THIS IS IT! The vote for approval goes Monday December 7, 2009, 6 p.m. @ Fort Erie Town Hall.
      This will be the final meeting for approval and we need to have a major presence on this night. The opponents will be there in force and we need to show the voters how passionate we are about this development. Again I Thank You for all your messages, comments and support. Each and every one of you HAVE made a difference. The Facebook group has a prominent place in generating awareness and support for the CMS project and Town Council has noted that. The developers and partners have noticed what you have done as well, and are most appreciative. I will post a link on the "events" section of the CMS Group page about the Vote Meeting. Please show on the 7th and bring all the support you can muster. Thank You!
      Message to supporters. Please sign the petition supporting the Canadian Motor Speedway Project. Thank You!
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      I would like to buy a 2005-2009 YZ250 38mm Keihin PWK carburetor in good condition. Part number should be 1P8-14101-60-00
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      I live in Ottawa, Ontario btw.
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      Hi all;
      I've decided (and my wife has consented) to give harescrambles a try next season. I'm pretty new to racing and I'd be competing as a novice for sure. What organization do I need to join to get into this? How many events can I expect to squeeze in from April to Sept-Oct?
      Thanks guys
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      I have 3 machines (CRF250r XR400 and TRX300EX) in Stevensville ON and want to start riding my TRX300 on the shoulder and to trails. The registration is $10 and plate $20 but now insurance.
      State Farm in Fort Erie does not insure for less than $1 million in liability. The quote is $129 per year or $81.68 if you move your car over as well.
      I have heard of others who had lower rates from State Farm. Is there another office who will go under $1 million liability or another provider who comes in under the $129?
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      Where can I get a Scott's stabilizer for my 06 200xc in Ontario and how much do they go for?