Riding Rash

I have a race tomorrow, and It's two hours long. I always get a rash (betwixt the buns) from my 1 1/2 hour long races. Does anyone else have this problem or have a solution?

Baby powder haha. Seriously I bet it'll work

Baby powder haha. Seriously I bet it'll work

Haha, that's what i was thinking. It's embarrassing, but it happens.

Monkey butt....

compression shorts and baby powder 

There is a powder out there called "monkey butt". It's probably similar to baby powder, not sure if it has anything else in it to help with that. I also do love the compression shorts.

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Gold Bond. Works great.

oh yea, anti monkey butt...makes sense.

Easy to say, but stand a lot more. :excuseme:  You have better balance and control standing anyway.



Gold Bond Friction Defense... it's been a lifesaver

A mankini with lashings of vasoline and you're good to go.

+1 compression shorts or under armor boxer briefs with anti monkey butt...

Stand more, and 2x on the Gold Bond. Hose down the undies with it. My cornhole is about to start a fire after about 3.5 hours. Not much to do except lots of squats to minimize the sitting time.

Go to any MTB shop

they'll have some high quality H2o I mean butt lube Those cross country MTB/road bike dorks sit for hrs

I think that's the burn they're after ;)

Been racing/riding for 50 years here, heard a few guys discuss this issue before, never experianced it myself though. Allways thought it had to do with the company the guys kept!

Gold Bond Friction Defense... it's been a lifesaver


I used the green bottle of gold bond when I would go overseas. Granted it didn't last long due to the ungodly hot sun, but it was few hours free of swamp ass. lol

Go to any cycling shop and pick up some chamois butter. Brand doesn't really make a difference. I have used a bunch of different brands and it is the only way you can survive pedaling for 1 1/2-4 hours straight.

compression shorts... and I also run the padded EVS compression shorts over my under armor shorts.

Diaper rash cream.

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