Tire load index - 2007 f150

Hey guys,


   Figured id throw this in here by the off chance someone knows!


I have a 2007 F150 Crew/4wd/5.5' bed. Right now it has the BFG Rugged Trail T/A's on it - 275/65/18s, load index 114 (2609 @ 44psi).

The tires are basically shot, lol.


I got from a friend 4 bridgestone dueler ATs with about 75% tread left for $60. They are a load index 112 (2469 @ 44psi). The tire store i went to today to have em mounted told me they cant mount them because they are not high enough load capability and that even @ 44psi they wouldnt hold up to the weight of my truck. They came off a tahoe i believe (4wd, 4dr, etc). Seems itd be as heavy as my truck minus the ability to load up the bed.


Anyways, I put a lot of miles on this truck during riding season hauling bikes (up to 3), gear, people, etc....so I dont wanna be running a tire that is not capable of holding up and therefore comes apart on me. I just want to make sure that the load index 112 is below the OE minimum, i mean i dunno what the min is, if the min matter, what matters, if the 114 tires i have now ARE the min, etc, haha...


Thanks for any thoughts on this.

While I see the tire shop looking out for you, you will be fine and probably wont notice a difference unless you load a pallet of something into the bed.  3 bikes in the bed=750lbs.  a pallet of stone or concrete 3000lbs.  For what your using it for I would not worry, just don't go overloading it or towing a massive trailer(20+ft)

I had a few other credible opinions I trusted of people I knew, they shared your thoughts. I guess I like to over-think things a bit at times, but at the same time drive 3+hrs to ride trails, etc.

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