Valve Check Bolt Stripping

Hi all,


After checking the valves on my crf250x I decided to check my wife's 150rb.  The bolt that you remove on the case to turn the crank so you have the valves lined up properly is stripping.  It's nearly toast and I'm unable to remove it.  I plan to replace it... if I can get it out...


Has anyone else had this happen?  This is my first time checking on her bike so I think the previous owner torqued the crap out of it.  Any tips on removal?  What's the name of this bolt so I can find a replacement?

Try using a torx driver and tap it into position so you can remove the cover. Then buy a new one

I ended up finding an after market bolt for a whopping 21$ and bought a cold chisel and grinder disk to cut a slit in the side and hammer it with the chisel.  Worked out and it's fixed.

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