electrical problem on my 05 wr 450

I was out riding yesterday far from my truck & all of a sudden the bike just quit running after trying the electric start button & no response ( which it was working before ) tried to kick start no response removed the seat & found a wire had come out of the starter relay okay thought the problem was solved stripped wire & put it back into the brass connector best I could. bike cranked & started went on the trail roughly another 1/2 mile or so dies again checked the wire it's still holding bike cranks but just would not run I let it sit for awhile while friends went to get the rescue 4x4 then bike started & ran good rode it again for about same distance it did it again. my question is it seems after it runs for awhile then gets warm could there be an electrical relay or something that is cutting out the cdi so that it will not run? then after it cools down it runs.it has never done this before I have only owned it since December & this was my 3rd ride. also the lights were working on the beginning of the 2nd ride then they quit & the bulbs are fine but no power to the sockets.


Any help would be appreciated thank's!


Pull all your plastics and inspect the harness for corrsion and worn-through shorts

Thanks for the reply. I have taken the tank, seat,& side plastic off and I have still not found the problem other than the original wire problem under the seat. all of the connections seem to be good & tight. However the plug on the front headlight looks at one time in the bikes life it had gotten a little hot the bulb had one broken tab when I got it. I had put in a new one & it was working and on the first ride of about 52 miles the bike ran awesome! Short of unwrapping the whole wire harness. I am wondering if there is something that is starting to ground out within the harness. I am leaning towards replacing the whole harness but I want to make sure that is the source of the problem before I spend the big $$ for a replacement harness. Would the regulator & stator cause this?

The chances of an internal short in the harness are very slim to none.

If you have a 'time' related failure, you have a bad stator.

If the jetting is stock (lean, hot) this is a known problem. 

You have  to uncork and re jet to prevent this.

Get it to happen again, and then check for spark  or use a strobe light, the kind with a lead clamp, and check for spark when you spin the motor

If this is really only an electrical problem and not something else, it could be:


Pickup coil in the stator is bad

Ignition coil is bad

you still have a bad/intermittent connection somewhere, perhaps at the ignition coil


Have experienced failures in all three of those areas (on different WRs, not all the same bike) that caused symptoms similar to yours.

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