1970 BSA 441 Victor

P5090347.JPGP4270266.JPGP5090342.JPGP5090343.JPGI've owned this bike since 1982, and last year I finish the restoration project, not a total restore but what I felt was needed to sell it..It is the orginal thumper....I'm interested in what you all might think about it. 

 I had a 441 Victor  and wish I had never sold it.  Keep it you will regret that you sold it.

tank stickers.................................

I had one, raced it and moved to a Ducati.

Nostalgia only.

In it's day it was a good bike.

 A collector? Absolutely.

Beautiful machine. Looks like enough discs in the trapp to make some lovely noise!

I had one that I rode for years as my street bike. Wish I had never sold it.

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