2003 450

this is straight from the "doctor"

2003 will be 15-18 lbs lighter,

and will be a 450

Dubach told you this??? I cant wait til the 450 comes out...I will be getting one and I am saving up right now!

They 426 engine has plenty of power, but 15lbs lighter would be great...everyone always raves how hard they are to start, well mine starts within 3 kicks when cold and starts right up after a fall!

Did you read the article in the new Dirt Rider yet (Feb 02' issue)?? I just got the mag today and it basically said what everyone already knows, that there will be a 450 in 03'!

If they can get 15-18 lbs off of the 426/450 now just think if they can get half that off the 250F, that would make the 250F beyond belief :)

WOW! To save 15 to18 pounds on this bike means this is a completely new design not a reworked, shaved down 426. Can't wait!

Tell me more!!!!.....Tell me more!!!!!!!

I still have to know one very important detail before I'm gonna buy one. How do I convince my wife that my now less than 1yr old bike is out of date and in need of replacing with the latest greatest? :)

I can't imagine shaving that much weight off the 426 without going to an aluminum frame. Any word on this? I was tempted to make the swap to a CRF 450 this year because of the weight difference, but I decided to wait and see how Yamaha would respond. I'm glad I waited.

An aluminum frame will not save much weight since you would have to beef it up to the point that it weighs the same as a steel frame, PLUS Aluminum frames have historically had numerous problems.

A wet sump oil system is the most obvious weight reduction item.

I would not put it past Yamaha to show up with a completely different motor design...one that is a few pounds lighter. And lets hope it has a redesigned clutch, auto decomp and optional 'lectric start.

Electric start YZ's would eat a significant part of KTM and Honda's thumper marketshare.

Someone had a post a while ago quoting weight differences between the CRF and the YZF. The aluminum frame was only about 1 pound lighter than the Yamaha. Tough to imagine Yamaha completely changing the frame when it would only save one pound and the existing frame works so well already.

Now before all the excitement hits about the 2003 do a search on the new 2002 model when people were speculating on it. It was also supposed to be a 450 and one heck of a lot lighter and look what we got. Fact is no one will know unless you are way up the food chain at Yamaha. I mean I hope it is ligher, but for the most part if you heard it from someone who knows someone who's cousin is the sisters brother's chief of engineering specifically for the new 2003 is full of talk. So just like last years speculations sit back then wait and see, and dream a little dream about what it is supposed to be, because no one will know until it hits the showroom floor.

My guess would be.

Wet Sump with every part on the bike redigned for weight. I know the Honda guy's are saying they do not have warshers on bolts and the air box is papaer thin. I would excpect this same tratment on the new YZ450F. I don't know if they will try to drop a cam and drive the valves with some fork mechinism.

One thing for sure. The 2003's Yamaha and Honda are going to be some nice rides.

I think the 01 will be ready to sell then.

Originally posted by Jeremy:

Someone had a post a while ago quoting weight differences between the CRF and the YZF. The aluminum frame was only about 1 pound lighter than the Yamaha.

This came from a recent Cycle World 4 stroke shootout. They took apart the bikes and weighed them. The CRF engine was only a # or two lighter than the 426, as was the frame. The weight savings came from all the other stuff. I was surprised, the article was worth reading.

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Yamaha should increase the size of the motor. They can go the route that KTM did, and increase displacement and lower compression to get the thing easier to start. That's why the KTM is a 520, lots of HP, very easy to start. But Honda, Yamaha, and KTM will all be 450s next year, I'm interested in what shakes out. My bet is that the KTM will be E-start, and only 5lbs heavier than the japs. :)

Gee guys I have a yz450 right now and it is not a 444 or a 440 it;s 454cc. I can take 20lbs off of me better than my bike.

February Dirt Rider has the 2003 YZ 450, just have to find the magazine.

The sad part, you know the price will equal Honda price out here in Cali.

I made the point of the hardware issue and the somewhat seemlingly oversized hardware on my YZ as compared to my CR that happens to sit next to it. Most of the bolts seem to be overkill in size on the YZ. Oh well, maybe yamaha has seen the light, or possibly an accurate scale.

I know a guy who weighed his CR450's rear end (swingarm, rear wheel, rear brake, linkage, subframe) and those parts weigh 4.5lbs lighter that the YZ's parts!!

Just imagine what the YZ4**F and CR4**F will be in 20 yrs...by then I will be close to the 40+ class :) LOL I can almost smell the 2 smoke fading away...


Originally posted by motoman393:

Just imagine what the YZ4**F and CR4**F will be in 20 yrs...by then I will be close to the 40+


I am jealous of you. When I was your age I rode bikes that had 3" of travel. I'm in heaven with these bikes right now. Imagine what the bikes will be like in another 20 years.

I can't wait for 20 years.....I'll be in the retirement home by then. :)


If Yamaha would wet sump the motor, go with some Titanium axle and swingarm bolts and lighten up the stock exhaust they could save around 10 lbs. right there. Then you get into hardware,plastic, linkage ect. ect. It can be done without a total redesign, it will be interesting to see. I personally don't think Yamaha needs to touch the motor, with exception to hardware maybe. I doubt that upping the cc's would acomplish much. The motor rips plenty.

A lighter 426 is really all that's necessary. I do love the motor, but then again THERE'S NO REPLACEMENT FOR DISPLACEMENT. If they do bump the displacement, I hope they don't change the power characteristics. It's got grunt, it hits hard in the mid, and revs out like a champ. Can't get much better than that. Also, I hope that reliablity and the general quality of parts doesn't decrease to save weight. Most components are very reliable of these 426s, but paper-thin plastic (like the Honda and KTM) and whatever else don't hold up as well.

With 20 years of tweaks and mods, the possibilities are endless. Think to the bikes of the early 80s. I wasn't even born yet, but I've seen the pictures, read the articles, and I just can't believe how far we've come. Four strokes are the future! :)

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