Small roller bearing inside engine cases, Part number?

Hi Guys 


I and just ordering the last few parts for my 310cc rebuild.  But I cant find the little roller bearing that is inside the engine cases!  I have found all the other bearings and there part numbers but not that one.


Can anyone help??



You forgot to give year and model.

Need to be more specific on the bearing you're looking for. Have you checked

Some XRs have a needle bearing for the right end of the countershaft that is part of the case. I've found replacements at a local bearing shop. 


As Trailryder said knowing more about the year/model and bearing location would help.

Hi guys. 

Sorry it is a 96 xr250r

That's a 20x26x12 bearing used on XR250R Swingarms  go here  and search by Part Number.   Then click on "where used".

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Are you sure ?  Xr only say its for the kick shaft.

I'm sure about the cross reference , however as I said in my earlier post Honda makes some of the needle bearings part of the case assembly so they are not available as a Honda part. 

The good news is some have done research and found those bearings as Honda parts used elsewhere on the bike or from a 3rd party.


Buy the bearing.  If it fits post the results to help others.  If it doesn't return the bearing and use the old bearing (or the bore and shaft sizes) to find a replacement at a local industrial bearing shop.  The  old bearing should have a standard metric bearing code on it e.g. 2012.


Here are a few I found on Google:


and with free shipping:

Thanks thats good news!

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