Has anyone put the rekluse core exp in there 450s and liked it?

I forgot to put 3.0 in the question.

i just put a exp 2.0 (not core)in an rmx450 and like it. check my post in the rmx thread if it is any use to you.

I have a new 2014 RMZ with the Rekluse 3.0. So far it rocks!

Sweet I have one on the way,how do you adjust it my bikes 13. I have one on my 13 250sx that's easy to adjust its hydraulic clutch I would guess on the rmz you would adjust free play at the cable right?

There is a preload adjuster on the pressure plate. The cable adjuster takes up the slack like any ordinary clutch.

So your telling me you the clutch cover has to come off? On my ktm I haven't had to adjust yet have you had to adjust much?

Once it is set up it requires little adjustment. You check free play gain (at the lever) and that determines if it needs adjustment.

Thanks for info.

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