Linkage Bearing Installation

I was using a socket to pound in the linkage bearings. I bent the lip on the outer part ever so slightly but it made the needle bearings tight inside it. When u put the pin in and turn it its created some resistance. Am I gonna have to buy a whole new kit because of this? It will turn but not effortlessly like it should. I know I should have just had um pres.sed in at the shop.

One of the lips is stronger than the other. That's the one you should have been pounding on. It is the less rounded one. I like to put a bit of lube or WD40 on the outside of the race before getting it in and use a vise as a makeshift press, though I've used the same technique as you in the past with some success.

You can purchase just the one bearing you damaged at any dealership or bearing shop.

Thank u for ur teply. That helps a lot!

I use a couple of different length bolts and good washers, with sockets. Two wrenches, and patience/elbow grease...almost always works as a portable press...and no pounding :)

+1 on using the vise and socket as a press. I just replaced mine a couple weeks ago and it allows you to slowly press them in there. Getting the races out of the linkage arm is another story since you cant press them out. I welded a tab on to them and the heat shrank them enought that you can pound them out alot easier.

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