adding a vortex to you fcr carb?

Im curious so see what people say about adding groves before the slide to help mix the air fuel mixture.  This is something i can very easily do myself because i have the tools to do it, id probably use my pencil grinder from work, scribe lines and follow them. Ive seen this done mainly to two stroke carbs but there is not much info on doing in to a four stroke carb. Im tempted to try it cause its makes perfect sense that it would work... any suggestions

A Vortex is a turbine device. You already have a carb which mixed the fuel as well as possible with the incoming air.

Spinning the mixture will not do anything, unless, there is a problem with the carb and head transitions .

You would be better off installing a 'fin' to increase air pressure at the bottom of bore, which will 'suck' more mixture out of the emulsion tube, making it seem as though you have more power.

You don't you just have that sensation, because you don't have to turn the throttle as far.

Also known as a FMF Snap or Powernow device.

I like this info, on and have you heard of putting dimples after the slide so it helps the fuel not stick to the walls????

I meant and+

Yes, all of that makes a percent or two of change, but, you have to remember, every single change you make has other repercussions, mainly effective bore reduction, which limits top end.


If it was such a great idea, why didn't any FCR carbed factory bikes use it? 

Grooving the carb bore will do next to nothing, as will 'dimpling' the slide. Not even 1%, maybe .0001%


Ride more, practice. Use fresh tires. Refresh the suspension

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