In the middle of revalve KYB race tech


New to the forum and in the middle of installing race tech gold valves on 09 YZ450F forks.  The instructions suck, so I am wondering if anyone is familiar with these and maybe has some pictures.  Something doesn't seem right.  I'll attach a pic.  Any help in assuring that this is right or wrong would be helpful.


Can't tell a Lot from pic. But I think the piston may be up side down?

Here is one of the stock next to the race tech.


Here is a pic of the bottom.  It seems like the piston is on according to the instruction picture.



Whats going on with the piston? The check plate on the reb side of the BV needs to seal the ports. Is the wave washer installed? Is the piston fixed in that position or is it floating on the shaft? If so you'll likely need to shim/space out the clamp below the comp stack to take up the slack. Appears some spacers are included as per one of your pics.

Here is a pic of the bottom.  It seems like the piston is on according to the instruction picture.


Also seems to hint something about spacing purposes on the writing to the top left.. If in doubt.. Read it again

that little spring should be inbetween the collar on top and the checkplate , and makesure that the piston is fixed it also seems like you need mor shims below the clamp shim to raise the whole stack so the nut will lock it

Call them!

Looks like you don't quite have the spring and or collar situated. That metal checkplate should be held against the piston by a spring between it and the cupped washer. Both the spring and checkplate should be around a collar.

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Have you got it done? Curious how it worked out for you as a friend of mine is thinking of purchasing the gold valves for his 14 crf250r

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Looks to me like it's totally backwards.  That cupped washer should be on the other side and the spring on that.  Thats what you check your float against.  The stock wasn't stock you can see where the peen was ground off, it was put together incorrectly before too it appears.



I dropped you a PM with Rob Brown, Race Tech's head of R&D cell number.  I showed him the thread and he wanted you to just call him and he'd help walk you through it.



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