crf150RB overheating

I just bought a CRF150rb to my son is 2009 almost new, i pay 2300.00. We leave in panama city and the trails are amazing, weather is super hot also between 85-94. In close trails in tend to overheat, the bike is stock, what are good suggestion to keep the bike cooler. I heard about boyensen water pump, and a special coolant.

I have had good luck with engine ice and use it in all my bikes. Another coolant is Evans/Zip Ty, more expensive but good stuff. All three of these coolants have a higher boiling point which prevents boil overs. However the motor is still seeing high temps so keep that in mind. Impeller is a good option and easy to install. Another option is a overflow bottle. If your jetting is on the lean side it will make the motor run hot. Try richening up the mid (assuming trail speeds) a little. One other thing you should check is the timing. Cams are known to twist which will over heat the motor along with other things. To verify this, lining up the cam, cam support and crank tick marks. tank

I think i will go with the Engine ice , the water pump from boyencen, Motion Pro Coolant Recovery Tank and more expencive radiators, i hope it works, tks to all for helping me

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