Relocating Stock Dash Questions

Hey guys,

Looking to center my dash and also move it away a bit from the upper triple. Looking at the front of the bike, there are 4 holes in the front face of the clamp where the dash bracket bolts. The bracket utilizes the 2 left most holes. Looks like if i line up the right hole of the bracket with the 2nd hole in from the right side, the dash will be better centered. However, the left hole of the bracket is in outer space. I have seen a few people center there's. Did yous do what I am thinking and just run one screw or is there another method? Also, how much of a spacer did yous use to move the dash out away from the triple clamp? I installed aftermarket upper triple and looks like I need at least 1/4" spacer just to get the dash to clear my handlebar clamps. Would like to go more, but the more I go, the less amount of space there is between the dash and the headlight shroud there will be for the bunch of wires. Thanks for any help!!

Epic , I remounted mine , I just drilled new holes in the mount , so it sat in the centre and moved the ignition to the side , dont know if this would work with the new top tree . As well as sitting central it lowers it a bit , 






Maybe you could use longer bolts with spacers to clear the fork yoke , because it sits lower it will tuck in under the cowl , greg

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Thanks Hinksy. That was a good idea what you did. Looks good. I ended up using the thickest feeler gage i had and used it to bridge the gap between the 2 holes on the triple where the dash is located in its stock position. Then i used the stock holes in the dash bracket, mounting the right hole into the 2nd hole from the right of the triple and then with the left hole of the bracket, mounted that with a screw and nut within that bridge plate. Actually worked out perfect. I used 1/2 spacers. I hope to post pics soon of this and my other winter projects. Just need to install new throttle assy and my Cycra Hand guards! I have to get my ass going...its getting warm and I want to ride!

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