LaRocco's Leap on an X?

It sounds like an e-start after the attempt at L-Leap but I'm wasn't sure.  Then later in the video when the bikes laying down I think I see an e-start button.  Feel free to tell my I'm crazy.



Your crazy......Its not a X by any means.....

2009 or later 450R

Rekluse clutch ...when he gets back on he bumps cam as he revs bike sounding like e start...I did have to watch like 5 times to b sure

2009 or later 450R

thats what i was thinking seeing it on the ground


 --- I have no doubt that a mildly modified X like  a lot of us on this board campaign - could make that leap  --- problem is, i'd rather have Tedesco or Barcia at the helm to do it  (or Johnny Airtime?)  --    That Go Pro footage of the guy coming up short reminds me of the last time i jumped the finish line table top at my track -- just 2 feet short --- i didnt go down, but the back rebounded down the backside pretty harsh and the wrists were sore for a week 


        Which brings up my only real complaint about the X so far  --- It will jump just fine when prompted -- it just doesnt want to and acts like its much happier on the ground  --- i suspect its the weight 

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