Fork question?

Ok its me again. The dude with the 4 speed 08 yz450. I noticed that my forks have these stickers on them also i think that my front disks are bigger than stock. I got the book for my bike and i was gunna do the seals myself. Never done it before but theres a first time for everything. The disks and the forks dont look like the ones in the book. Also theres a thing that says works connection on it. Heres the pics. Help me out please. If there was a dirtbike for dummies book then i wouldnt ask. Thanx.





Couldn't say about the rotor other than it is not stock.

The works connection piece is a hole shot device.

Neither will change the procedure for a seal change.

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Ok thanks. But what the heck is a hole shot device

A "hole shot device" is set up so that the fork is compressed part way, usually 4-5", then locked down in that position by a spring loaded hook or pin.  When the first bump of any significance is hit, the fork compresses and takes the load off the pin, the device pops out of play, and you're off.


The idea is to hold the front end down at a lower position to avoid wheelies.

Well thats cool. Thank u

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