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To those of you who have 90's CR125's

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Hey Guys,

I have never pressure tested a 2 stroke after a rebuild but since I got my pressure tester and it found a huge leak on my 06 250, I have decided that it is a must to pressure test bikes after getting them back together on a rebuild.  Well, I was going to pressure test my 94 cr125.  My question is, is it really supposed to blow all the air out the power valves?  Without the power valve covers on, it will literally not pressurize the cylinder at all, it blows out the power valve.  Now, on the left side, it should seal up fine, but on the right side, there is a hole where the actuator arm comes out of the clutch chamber and it seems that it would blow the pressure into that and wouldn't hold pressure.  I am still waiting for the rubber gasket that goes under the power valve cover where the actuator arm is so I wasn't able to try the pressure test until that gasket comes in but IMO I don't see how it will hold pressure, since there is a hole where the arm comes through, it should lose pressure into the clutch area.  Anyway, any insight on this would be helpful.

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