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DRZ saddlebag brackets

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I use my DRZ for pretty well everything, being such a versatile bike.

Motarding around town and highway trips.

Mild adventure riding/touring anywhere I can get it to go, with the original wheels,

Luggage carrying has been an issue, being such a small bike. Around town I have a lockable "pizza" box on the back for carrying tools etc.

This gets removed for touring and carrying camping gear, where I use saddlebags and a top bag.

It has always been an issue with the saddlebags rubbing on the plastic side covers, which after a lot of use scratches and distorts the covers.

Tape solves the scratching problem, but the are not designed to take weight.

Saddlebag brackets are bulky, awkward and harder to get for an E. A lot of them mount the saddlebags too far back, causing stability problems, when loaded.

I made up a simple set of brackets that suit my needs, they are fairly strong, hold the saddlebags off the covers. They have a connection point for the tiedown straps.

Their design is based on being close to the plastic covers and angled to be the same profile, so if an emergency bail out is required, there's nothing to hook youself on. They have gaffer tape on them where the bags rub, hence the folds.

This suits my requirements and work well.

Just sharing these if they are any help to others.




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