head pipe glowing red on 05 crf450r

wat cause headpipe to glow red

I have used same jets for over 3 yrs. the only thing iv recently done was repack my muffler canister help please

how can you tell if my coolant pump is working,could this be the problem if its not pumping coolant thru cylinder or thru my radiator

How long do you let it sit and idle?

I have a yfz450 and it and a lot of others do this, I was told it's normal

Glowing read in under 2 min in daylight is not normal

You have a lean condition.

Typically it is a fuel screw and idle screw adjustment issue

Follow the 'how to set your pilot' thread at the top of the forum

Lean....jets prob have a tiny build up

he didnt mention how fast or what time of day, so unless he let it idle for a good 20 mins hes probably a little lean



Ride the bike, stop lettting it idle in the driveway.



Use the search function., You'll find the same question is asked 1,000's of times.



Ride the bike, stop lettting it idle in the driveway.



Use the search function., You'll find the same question is asked 1,000's of times.

new to this web site thanks a lot MR NO IT ALL

new to this web site thanks a lot MR NO IT ALL

You are welcome. If you read what I wrote, it will save you a lot of time and effort.

new to this web site thanks a lot MR NO IT ALL



He's not Mr. Know it all, he's just an Expert mechanic. 


That's why you came here for help, right?

Just because you think you know doesn't mean you need to "D" it up and sound condescending ohh great moderator. ..

Just because you think you know doesn't mean you need to "D" it up and sound condescending ohh great moderator. ..



Nor is there any reason for you to act the same ,,,,even though William's post was about as devoid of attitude as is possible..  so WTF dude...

Devoid enough for op to call him out..

hey im here for help and that's it. sorry if I offended anyone

No need to get all sensitive over nothing... Don't leave the bike running in one spot.. It's a race bike and will overheat and the header will glow after 30 seconds- a minute. And before you ask a question use the search bar. That question has been asked thousands of times and most questions have been... It's quick results. You want help? Help yourself sir

In Fact the answer to the actual question would be- Exhaust gases flowing out of the cylinder head after combustion.  Exhuast gas is very hot- And most headers Are very thin titanium or stainless steel. Therefore in slightly dim or dark lighting the header will glow after about 30 secs to a min of idle time.. I can light a smoke off of mine quite easily!  LMAO>.   And it is normall.  And yes a search would have brought you to a better answer than the sarcastic ones you just revieved!! However you did get the right answer.   Just my 2cs.

hey im here for help and that's it. sorry if I offended anyone[/quote ] screw em dont worry...and forum search engine is buggy garbage better off googling. .dont let the keyboard warriors get at ya.

I have to agree this search engine is odd, it has taken me a while to figure out.  Less is more and plan on seeing a ton of stuff you never knew you needed to know!  Eventually you may find what you want unless it is one of the more common issues.  The FAQ has been most helpful.  Don't even ask how to adjust a MCCT hahaha...  Hey lets all just get along and ride ride ride. 

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      The bad news is that the new 150 is very loud, the good news (if any) is that it's so loud stock I doubt the aftermarket companies will be able to make it much louder.
      Here's my situation: as a pro-class supermoto racer I'm fully aware that wide open exhausts make a bit more power, and I'm certainly a good enough racer to use every teensy bit of my 450's power at the track, but I'm also very aware and upset over noise issues causing track closures and the constant threat of laws banning ORV use on private property.
      I purchased the new crf150r as a playbike replacement for my beloved 150f..and of course after riding the 150r I had the same initial reactions as everyone else "WOW!" better than I could have imagined, and just exactly the bike I've always wanted as a playbike blah blah blah...umm, well, except for the noise:(. I have 20 acres of woods laced with about 2 miles of trails and jumps scaled perfectly for these mid-sized bikes and my son's sx65, but even with 20 acres there is no way that my very cool neighbors wouldn't be bothered by this thing, and there's absolutely no way I'd subject them to it.
      SOOO, since nobody is going to offer a truly quiet quiet exhaust, yet another do-it-myself scabrication project begins. The goal is to get very close to totally stock crf150f sound output while keeping as much of the R model's throttle steering/wheelie on demand kick ass power as possible. Enjoy.
      Step 1: testing. We used a straightaway to test the stock sound. We made several passes in 4th gear, under load, adjusting our aproach speed so that we'd be in the peak power and truly truly WFO while passing the meter which was placed 50 feet to the side of the track. (a reasonable test, since several of our trails come within 50 feet of a property line) 95dbA!!, yes ninety-F'n-five decibels...at 50 feet!?..good god that IS a very loud minibike. Seems as loud as a 250, only worse since it's almost always pinned.
      Step 2: Take it apart.

      not much to see here, standard OEM fare, minimal perforation, minimal packing, 1.4" I.D. straight through with a slight curve in the endcap.
      Step 3: Try somethin else.
      We'll keep it simple and try the basics first. a) Increase exposure to the packing material..I've had great luck using expanded metal to replace stock perf-tubes, it's never ever failed me, and the packing does not burn out as fast as you'd think even on a 450. Reduce diameter. Using the new perforated section to taper down, I went from the 1.4" input down to a 1.1" output. c) Divert the flow. it's been my experience that if you let any exhaust flow pass straight through then a great deal of noise will go right along with it..so i've created a diffusing chamber within the last 1.25" of the silencer shell. Now the exhaust flow (which has already seen lots of glass and had its tunnel narrowed a bit) is split by that cone on the center of the back wall and forced to take the long way around to the two (0.7" dia.) exits.

      Step 4: Results?
      Same test procedure described in step 1.....85dbA. Ten decibels less!..oh, and the bike felt like it hadn't lost any power. Hmmm, off to the dyno..

      All of these runs are corrected hp using the stock knobby..the stock run was done when the bike was new (not broken in yet) out of jetting curiousity, but we did not change the stock jetting. I've seen other stock dyno runs posted (20.7hp broken in with knobby, and BBR got 23hp using a smooth street tire) so my bike seems to be right in line with those other figures. Maybe these exhaust mods lost 1/2hp?..maybe nothing?..either way, -10dbA is much much quieter and also a far greater reduction than you'll ever experience with the typical "optional quiet insert" .
      Unfortunately, I think WFO85dbA is still too loud for my property so I'll have to try some other solutions, but it's a great start.
      This post has been promoted to a wiki