I sucked water through my 13 250 xcf

I managed to suck water through my 13 250 xcf today.

The bike started to run really bad and I had to stop riding. It would not rev high, and kept dying.

I guess the bottom end will just need flushing until it is not milky, but I'm a little confused as to what to do with the carb and the fuel injection system.

Can anyone tell me what I should be doing to get the bike up and running again.




About 4 years ago I wrecked my 07' CBR600RR track bike into a creek. Submerged the bike in the creek for 15 minutes. I had a broken femur so I didn't do any of this but my buddy (great mechanic) pulled the spark plugs out, turned it over let all the water spew out, poured some oil into the cylinder, drained the oil in the crank case and put new oil in there. When I recovered and was able to hobble around a week later I went up and started the bike, let it warm up and changed the oil. Did this process about 5 times until it was regular color again. (I just used the cheapest walmart crap I could). Luckilely no sand/silt got past the air filter which saved me probably a new motor.


I guess it depends on how much you got in there. Might be worth taking it apart to clean it. I would definately replace spark plug and change the oil several times asap if you can get the bike to idle.


On my 600, I never had to mess with the EFI. Maybe because it was a Honda :thumbsup:  haha she ran like a champ afterwards. Never missing a beat.

You check your coolant to make sure it doesn't have a leak?

so you submerged the bike then kept riding? or you submerged it then drained it?

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