Oil leak and not sure how to fix

When my bike gets warm I have been noticing a little bit of oil dripping on and around the engine. I believe it is coming from behind the round piece to the left and up from the front sprocket. See below:


It is leaking where the dark grey meets the aluminum. What part is this? Is there a seal back there? Sorry for the poor explanation but hopefully someone can understand what I am getting at.




Draw a circle on your photo using microsoft 'paint' or similar so we can understand

Not clear enough explanation

Need more info

Might be gas, not oil.

  The spot that I have the arrow pointed to is what I think is leaking. What would this be?


That is part of the crank case cover

There is a vent hose attached to it, that can 'drip' oil 

If you primary vent hose, the one that goes past the air box, is clogged or pinched, it can cause wierd oil seepage in other places

You still need to be more specific about how/when/how much/ what leak 




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I just notice oil on the crankcase after riding. I believe it is coming from the spot that I showed above.


I am pretty sure it isn't a hose but I will have a look.

O-ring on the starter motor, where it fits into the crankcase cover, leaking

I replaced the oring on the starter and it is still leaking. Any other ideas? Where exactly is this hose that I should be looking for and how to I correct the problem if that is where it is coming from?

There are multiple breather hoses around the starter

If you have too much oil, or a paritally crimped vent hose, they will weep oil if loose

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