better to be lean or rich?

just a thought would it be better to be more lean or rich? how can you tell if your dead on in the middle, just right... 

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better to be slightly rich, lean can kill a motor fast and makes them run hot .. if youre too rich fuel economy will suffer too much and to the extreme it will foul plugs and be sluggish .. they do run more responsive set on the lean side but unless youre racing i wouldnt do it, way too lean and they will surge, cut out, ect  .. a darker plug is usually what i look for, on the black side of brown,  but not loaded up with gunk ..

slightly lean=sharper throttle response. You won't hurt the engine with slightly lean

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A 4 stroke has too be very lean to cause any harm...Classic symptoms include bad surging and misfiring at high rpm.... 

Yeah , and popping LOUD on the overrun .

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