Fishing pole rack/holder ideas?

Im trying to mount a fishing to pole to my 14' drz400sm. I've found 4-5 threads on this, most were people asking on how to do it, the other two were actually good ideas, but both used fabricated metal, which I would prefer not using and making more of a take on/take off type deal. Anyone ever mount one of those pvc fishing pole holders to their bike? if so how? 


I heard people putting them on the passenger foot peg, if you take the peg off, anyone have any idea where I could attach it aside from there?  Just trying to get some fresh ideas before I hit home depot. 



How long does it have to be?

I've always just wore a backpack and put my rod in two peices in it along with a small box in there with lures&worms.  The rod sticks out the top of the bag about 8 inches, so if you have to duck any branches be careful.  Thought I ducked low enough one time and lost the tip of one of my rods.

I have about a six foot pole.  I know most people would just say to use a collapsable one, but I found that most of the action that I tend to like are not found in 2 or even 4 piece poles.  All my poles are one piece.  I need to rig some sort of pac with a notch for the reel to fall into giving it a tighter grip.  


Thanks for all the suggestions. hopefully someone out there has made one and can show me theirs.  If not ill make something up and post some pics if anyone is interested.

I have about a six foot pole.

All my poles are one piece.

Lol, maybe a bad measuring tape! Joking.


At least for now it is one piece. Once hauled on dirt bike, maybe not so much.

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I tried finding a way to safely mount my pole on the bike but eventually it got aggravating and i bought a telescopic pole. Now my 4'6" rod breaks down into a foot. Great for slaying trout in small brooks. Action isn't to terrible compared to my one piece either.

I  use rod tubes with straps firmly attached that go over my shoulder , the tube is diagonal over my back with a rucksack to hold the reel etc. I did years ago have a pvc drainpipe with threaded end tied to the bike at the side of the seat running fore and aft , insert rods from behind and screw on the end

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Huge compromise to carry a flexible 6' fishing rod. Sort of like asking how to carry your baby with you while you trail ride. Baby doesn't belong out there, and neither does a long fishing pole from my perspective.


If it were me, I would sacrifice a bit of action and just get a collapsing fishing rod. The action really can be pretty good, and they range in size from 2# rigs to 15# rigs (# = pound test line). I used to live in a remote canyon and fish up and down a narrow granite gorge. Only a collapsible could survive the hikes up and back. Caught hundreds of trout and never thought once about action once a fish was on.

you guys are making some valid points. Plus I just moved out of the sticks and now every time id be fishing i'd probably be riding at least an hr ride.  So the more I think about the more a collapsible seems to make sense.  I just thought for sure more people would have done this.  I also use all my tackle in a book bag style tackle box. It was probably the best investment i've ever made.  It's not very traditional but man on a bike getting out to that spot, that you feel in your gut no one has hit in years.  Yeah thats when it comes in handy. haha can't wait for this shitty eastern air to warm up.

yeah ill take your word for it, and test some out over the weekend. shit if it breaks down to 1', ill jam it in my bag

Note on collapsible vs. multi-piece. I've used both, and telescoping collapsible is hands down best for "ride and fish" (or hike and fish) action. You can leave your lure on the tip and just reel in the rod to collapse it, then stick it in its case (or wrap the tip with Velcro cloth), then into your pack. Alternatively you can use a dreaded snap swivel to remove the danger of having a hook on there. This keeps your line threaded all the way to the tip and ready to go. Never had a problem with getting good action on Rooster Tails (hey, that's ironic :ride: ) while using a snap swivel. Trout couldn't tell the difference. Once you get to the next limpid pool, just extend the rod in one casting motion and you're ready to roll. Stronger than you need is better than broken with good action.

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I guess it really depends where you ride but for me, I zip tie a milk crate to my rear rack on my dr650. I made some rod holders out of pvc that I drilled holes in so I could zip tie those to the milk crate at a rearward angle. Then a small bungee aroung the reel to keep it from bouncing around or falling out of the rod holder. Oh and my milk crate is a 6 gal. one. I can carry a 5 gal bucket with my cast net, my small tackle bag and my aerator w/ a motorcy le battery to power it.

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