FCR 39 labled diagram needed

Remember the books for Dummies?  Right I have wrenches and no fear to take anything apart, even if I have no clue what it is.


So the bike would not start and I took off the nut/drain cap to drain the bowl and found lots of nice green crap.  Not good.


Took the carb out (holly ---- is it tight) 


I would like a diagram that shows me the parts of the carb (outside first and what they do) then an exploded view.  The carb has the following no on the choke side above where the bowl is.  G16A0 W126  not sure if the O is a zero of an "O"  Has no line thru if but I am not sure of the numbering convention they use.


Thanks in advance

Try Sudco or Jetrus for carb diagrams...

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