DR 200 Engine Mods

 I'm new to this forum & have been riding & used to race competitively in the past sine 1966. I see nothing on here about DR 200s. My bike has 12,000 miles on it & I want to rebuild the motor. I can not find any information on aftermarket high performance parts for Dr 200s. I heard that someone on this forum used a 230 quad sport top end on a DR 200 motor & put it in a DRZ 125.   

Not much difference from the 200 to the 230 top end . The heads are similar and the bore is the same the stroke on the 230 is longer.  230 pistons will fit in the DR200.  Cams will interchange also so if your looking for an aftermarket cam just look at the 230 ATv cams.

Thanks Bruce. Greatly appreciated. I did see that the bore was the same. According to what I found a 1,2 mm difference in stroke.   

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