84' rm125 parts?

Hey just got a 1984 rm 125 for a summer project and it's missing the front radiator plastics and the rear ones, where do you think I could get some?

Ya and idk why the guy painted it blackImageUploadedByThumper Talk1395575162.693520.jpg

If you havent gotten any yet, I just picked up a 1984 rm 125 I am going to start parting out. I have two front plastics in the original yellow with original graphics in really good condition.

plastics on old bikes are kinda hard to find in good condition and if you do they usually cost a lot

I hate to be a Debbie Downer here but you guys are not suppoe to be posting "for sale" items in this forum.  "Yes" there are others and we for the most part do not really care, but don't be surprised if a Moderator pings you for it.


As for a bike that's been totally painted over, and not very well, it's normally a sign that it's hot...  Your only saving grace is that with a bike this old chances are it was never reported.

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