85cc two stroke

Any body know reasons to get a 2 t over a 4 t

Only thing I can think of would be maintenance costs. I havent owned an 85 2t but i've had no problems with my 150rb in the past. Just take care of it!

80/85 four strokes are slow and small. 80/85 two stroke ripppp. Wheelies for days. Low maintenance too.

Parts are cheaper, easier to maintain, if you have major engine issues it's way way cheaper to repair

I have a rm85 it's awesome. Like seriously , if your not careful , you'll find yourself on your ass. :smirk:

I would go with the 85 2t because you can learn how to ride the bike vs learning to be lazy and start bad habits on the 4 strokes and the 4s cost more to maintain. Once you have really learned to ride good then you can hop on a 4 stroke and be really good until then stick with the 2 strokes.

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