'95 CR250 Motor in Aluminum Frame?

Hi Guys,


I have a 95 CR250 sitting around in my garage with a rotting frame. I would love to sell it but I won't get anything out of it with how bad the frame is. So my next best option is either parting it out, or building another bike with the motor that is in the bike now. I love the motor. It is my favorite two stroke motor that I've ever ridden. My question would be, is it possible to put this motor in one of the 02+ Aluminum Frames? I'm sure I could find an 02+ rolling chassis somewhere and I think it would be a great bike. I'm sure someone has already done this, but I couldn't find anything when I searched the forum. Ideas???

Go to Craigslist Atlanta. Cr250 frame to fit your bike for $65

I'm actually pretty interested in trying to throw this motor in an 02+ frame.

Real easy to swap a 92-01'cr250 engine in a 02-07 frame.

Is there a thread on here where someone has gone through it?






there are lots of threads on here, try search 01 engine in 02 or 03 frame.  most people who do it are using a 01 because it seems you need some parts off the 01 to make it work.

 I just tried it with a 93 engine into a 03 frame but gave up due to the need to buy a 2001 pipe, upper engine to frame brackets, rads,  and possible air box or boot and cdi mounting. the 93 pipe will not work due to e pipe hitting the frame in front of the engine.

 for me it was going to be temporary while I saved and rebuilt the 03 engine but besides the engine no other parts fit and I would need to get some parts from a 01  frame, I would suspect your 95 would be the same.  sooo , I gave up and put my 93 back together  so I have something to ride. 

  I think it can be done , just  easier if you have a 01 roller to rob parts from like : pipe, rads, top engine brackets and get creative with the air box and cdi and maybe more that im forgetting.

That's excellent info. Might not be worth it with my 95 then.

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