RV electrical problems ! Big race coming up soon !

Hi friends,


Thank you for taking the time to help me out with this problem.


I have a  2003 26ft STAR Travel trailer. I plug in the trailer to the house outlet to power it up - just to ensure everything is working smoothly.


I go inside the trailer and see only the microwave is powered on.... nothing else, no lights, no heaters, nothing.


Check the fuse box, everything seems fine.


Any ideas ?


Thank you again.

Sounds like the an - dc converter is gone. Do the outlets work??

Everything in your camper except a microwave and TV operates on 12 volt dc power, which is supplied by either a converter (when connected to shore power) or by battery. The converter should be located with your fuse panel...some are stand alone, plug & play units and some have the fuse panel/terminal strip integrated as one unit. Even though the converter should create 12vdc power when operating, I've seen missing/dead batteries cause problems on the 12vdc side.

is there a GFI outlet near the kitchen or bathroom? check it.

Next would be 12V tracing at the breaker, is there power at the fuses?

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