Re yamaha wr450 coolant problem

Just change coolant on bike but cannot get any coolant in pipe between radiator and expansion tank Bike was warmed up and when turned off coolant from radiator to expansion tank shot through and then when cooling coolant from expansion bottle was working its way through from the tank to radiator and seemed to be in the pipe but today pipe between radiator and expansion tank empty so need to know how to solve

It will not get coolant unless you actually overheat it. 

It is not an issue if it is empty, as long as the fins in the radiator are covered.

Think it could be an issue as possibility once overflows into expansion tank no liquid in pipe to help it go back into radiator

You are over thinking this.

It's not a siphon system, it's just a hose and a bottle

I concur with TKAMMS, you are over thinking it.  My hose never has any "sitting" in it.  If I was to remove my seat and look at the hose, it would not have any coolant in it.  As long as the radiator has coolant to the top of the fins, you are good to go :thumbsup:   Keep the expansion bottle level maintained to the correct level and ride.  On my bike, it really doesn't matter how much I put in the expansion bottle, it will find it's "happy level" and seem to stay there.  I am talking about if I "overfill" it, which I seem to do as I am kind of anal about having enough coolant.... 

Fill the radiator.

Put in coolant in the recovery tank.

The first time you get hot enough to put coolant out of the radiator and into the recovery tank, it will fill that line. On cool down, it'll suck coolant back in and done.



If you must, you can have one person fill the radiator (keeping it filled right to the edge of the neck) and another person apply a slight vacuum to the vent line for the recovery tank. A lot of trouble, though I'll admit, I have done it, not because it needed to be done but because I was bored.

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