New here...just hangin out.

Well, after 15 yrs or so of not riding because of my job, I finally ended up with one of my long time favorite motorcycles..a big XR600!  Its a 92' one owner Colorado bike that was used for years to run parts out of a back pack and casual riding.  It never really racked up a lot of hours.  The owners son had the dealership freshen the top end before the transaction and now its hanging out in my garage in lovely Florida!











Now this thing has some cosmetic work to be done.  It just needs a little updating that's all.  I haven't done anything serious as I would like to enjoy riding more than working on it.  I slapped some new fork boots on it, stapled a new seat cover on the original pan & foam, cleaned the bike and did my best to sand down the tank with my DA but the stain is too nasty and goes all the way thru.  There are tons of things I would like to do with the XR but for now its gonna stay as is.  Oh, waiting on a new fender bag in the mail, and also going to have the kick stand cut off and rewelded.  Just sharing my new-to-me bike for my first post.  Here it is now:







Looks pristine in white..Those faded tanks are hard to sort out,,scraping is about the only thing that sorts the discolouration.

Yours looks ok now..Welcome aboard..Unbelievable some of the 600s aren't able to be road registered and ridden on the road in

some States, Governments really do come up with some rooted rules at times..Similar things happen here if you don't keep the

paperwork up to date,,Hundreds of perfectly good bikes can no longer be road ridden because of minor paperwork bs,..IDIOTS..

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That bike needs some stickers stat :lol:


Nice XR tank decals or something....  nice job cleaning it you gotta farkle it :thumbsup:



Thanks for the inputs! The PO had the right side

# plate painted with an enamel and was hard to remove. I pulled all the exhaust and wire wheeled it and painted it with high temp to make it black again. This scooter needs a new spoke on the back wheel, new swing arm bolt, and some passenger pegs welded up. It's gonna be a dirt only bike being that I'm not ok riding to work in Jacksonville FL. I've had my bike card since I was 16 so I have experience on the road. I also have 2 kids and I'm not ready to have my 2nd crunch on the hwy.....1st one is already outta the way lol! This is just a toy that will

Not see a lot of ride time because I'm active duty and I don't get much opportunities to go and do what I want. This will be a keeper for sure but I will slowly but surely upgrade it overtime. I just really need to frame dwn this thing but I can't because I already got a Polaris Trailboss in pieces for the kids. I'm just happy I own one finally and I can rely on this big boy to fire up 1st kick! Glad to be apart of a fun crowd of peeps on this forum!

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