Is this a good deal?


It is very clean

It will require you get to know that specific model, and upgrade some factory items, as they have not been done:


-starter clutch upgrade (still has stock 2003 which has issues)

-woodruff key mod (needs to be installed correctly/not done at the factory)


Pretty much any offroad bike you choose also will have some sort of issues/upgrades to do.

Thanks, KoolAid! So do you mean it will cost an ADDITIONAL $2800 to make it street legal? How are you able to tell that the starter clutch upgrade and woodruff key mod haven't already been done?

The issue with the starter system isn't the starter clutch, it's the starter idler gear.  It should be upgraded to the '04 part which is a torque limiter, detailed nicely in this thread ->   This upgrade eliminates the need for any woodruff key fix since there never was a woodruff key problem to begin with, rather a poorly designed starter system with an idler gear instead of a torque limiter.   KoolAid probably knows the upgrade hasn't been done by the flat idler gear cover on the '03 -vs- the domed cover on the '04+ as can be seen on the left side of the bike.


Don't put much faith in the odometer reading since it's resettable, though it may be accurate based on how clean the bike looks.  There is no visible wear on the clutch and stator covers or boot rub on the frame above the footpegs.


Street plating the bike depends on the laws in TX.  I converted mine fairly easily in Maine, only adding a brake light switch and signals.

Thx, bg. I'll ask the shop if they know about it. Till I got it fixed, I'd probably just disconnect the electric start and kickstart it; don't mind doing that. I'll also have to get a closer look at those wear spots you mentioned; make sure they haven't been covered up in some way. I've read that Texas' requirements are famously low; perhaps not even requiring turn signals.

Bike is worth between $1,600 and $2,400. Assuming it is as good as it appears in the pictures, I'd go as high as $2,000, no more. It is a 12-13 year old race bike.


If you want to street legal it, make that a conditional of sale, that they plate it. A salesman will tell you anything to move product.

Thanks, William. That's kinda what I thought. Since they're "Super Sale" pricing it, perhaps they're eager to move it, for whatever reason. Gonna look around the Web and find some comparable bikes.

It doesn't look like there's a boot scuff is on that thing, did the previous owner ride in slippers?  It looks good but 2600 is high for the year.  I bought my 04 3 years ago for 2400 and it was just as clean.

I found some prices for 03 WR450s on Craigslist, plus looked at NADA and KBB. Based on that, $2400 or less seems right.

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