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2000 YZ426F suspension

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So, start another thread. I was out at Haspin this weekend. I haven't had this bike long so I don't know a lot of history on it.


I am 220lbs.


The suspension seems soft on this thing. My bud has a 2006 crf250 and even he noticed that his suspension seems a lot stiffer.


For the most part, it worked fine. I know the seals need to be replaced as both leak. As I am going faster and faster I start to get more aggressive on the jumps. Finally on one big jump I feel the forks flat out bottom out! 


Then for the rest of the day, the forks bottom very easily. I finally had to pack it up as it was just to scary to ride lack that.


So, am I just out of fluid?? Did something internal break? Are the suspensions on these bikes normally this "soft"? I know I am a little heavy but I also don't jump 30 feet in the air either. 


What rate springs should I use? How can I tell what I have if I tear it down? Are they marked? Colored?


What happen to my forks? Man, it was easy to bottom out after that initial hit.



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