Hey FlyingGuitars (Mike) !!

Hello Again,

A long time ago I saw your post and pic with the bar risers you got from thumperracing.com. I just ordered a set myself. I was just wondering how you have liked them all this time. Are you still riding with them and are you still happy.

I guess the only major drawback is that you can only go with the stock diameter bars and not the tapers or 1 1/8" setup.

Please let me know asap cuz I can still cancel my order and get adapters or the whole clamp setup.



Hey e-bay,

Yea, I still have them on and I am really happy with them. I have the Button Renthals and the 1.5" risers. Im 6'4" and it really helps me while standing. Let me know if you like them when you get'em on. If you dont like them, you could probably sell them here in a few days. Here's a pic of them on my bike for anybody else thats wondering what we are talking about.



Cool, thanks Mike,

They are on back order and I won't get them for a month or so but I'm glad to hear you still like 'em.

Thanks for the reply,


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